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Warm, emotive, and explorative - a set of characteristics that make up the enchanting vision of Zara, one of the most exciting talents hailing from the Australian scene. Guided by a profound state of introspection, the Melbourne-based artist utilises intricate rhythms and deep atmospheres to draw out expressive qualities in music. Whether it’s IDM, drum and bass, or techno, the Kinesis label-head fuses it all with an enigmatic sense of delicacy.

Growing up amidst the vast Australian landscape, the forces of nature have been shaping Zara’s perception of sound since her early years. With her first sets taking place at illegal raves in the bush, her fascination for musical experiences outside of traditional confines was born. Today, she has grown into an important advocate for the development and preservation of experimental music within her local scene - showcasing artists and organizing events through her Kinesis imprint.

Spaciousness and fluidity are at Zara’s core. Embracing music production as personal catharsis, she developed a distinct sound at the crossroads of the calm and the energetic - resulting in releases on labels such as Animalia, Salt Mines, and Pure Space. Ranging from peak time to sit-down, she traverses the polyrhythmic and psychedelic in innovative ways. Her sets have been turning heads within the international electronic music scene, playing at places like De School, Tresor, and Donato Dozzy’s Spazio Disponsible label showcase.

Harmonizing the ethereal and the ominous - Zara takes a gentle yet firm grip on minds and souls on and off the dancefloor.