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Vera Logdanidi


Rhythm Büro, Konstrukt, Semantica

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Vera Logdanidi's journey in the music industry began as a DJ in Kyiv, Ukraine during the mid-2000s. Since then, she has made significant strides as a producer, with her music finding a home on esteemed labels such as Rhythm Büro, Semantica Records, On Board Music, Dial Records, Corridor Audio and Secuencias Temporales. Her solo and collaborative tracks have received remix treatments from artists including Eric Cloutier, Artefakt, and Svreca. Moreover, her experiments in collaborations have led to joint live performances with Ukrainian producer Na Nich.

Apart of producing her own music, Vera frequently tours both domestically and internationally. Her wide range of music allows her to express her vision to both small and large crowds. Her sets have reverberated through iconic venues including Bassiani, Panorama Bar, Tresor, Closer, ∄ and other venues. Her name frequently graces the lineups of esteemed festivals, including Monument Festival, Ickra, Strichka, Brave Factory Festival, Up To Date Festival and many others. These diverse platforms have provided her the freedom to show different musical styles, ranging from powerful, groovy or mental techno to experiments with music on the verge of house, ambient and occasionally delve into jungle, which holds a special place in her musical journey.

Aside from producing and touring she is co-running Rhythm Büro events. One of the most unique events produced by Rhythm Büro is the Natura festival, which takes place once a year in a remote location outside Ukraine’s capital. Despite the event's secrecy, remoteness, and limited promotion, Natura attracts over 4,000 guests each year, with early-bird tickets selling out within the first hour of the event's announcement.