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Drawing inspiration from both soulful melodic tones and the harder and grittier side of music, UVB has been exploring this contrasted sonic world for the last decade.

It resulted in a first release in 2014 on the dutch imprint MORD that got him a lot of attention and paved the way for many collaborations between the two. A couple more EPs and his first album "Life" showed his love for a diverse sound palette but a constant attention for the groove.

That naturally led to the creation of "Body Theory" in 2016, his own space to experiment and push his vision further. « Industrial funk » as a motto, it explores a more textured music with UVB’s trademark groove and style.

On the DJing front, touring worldwide helps him develop his own approach to mixing, often melting different musical universes together juggling between 3 or 4 tracks at once, drawing a parallel between his DJ and producer mind. Wanting to expand his skills as a musician and a performer, he also starts performing brand new material live with hardware all around the world.

As for now, he is preparing the launch of a new musical chapter in his career, «SHIV» , the logical follow-up label to Body Theory, always staying true to his orignal vision of techno.

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