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Luigi Tozzi


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Luigi Tozzi is an Italian DJ, live act and producer known for his atmospheric and immersive performances. He is an adroit manipulator of sounds, reflected in his productions that fall into the deeper, atmospheric areas of electronic music. They are impactful without applying force, evoking a cocoon-like sento in its listeners. Tozzi found his artistic home on labels like the Swedish Hypnus Records or Non-Series, where he regularly releases. Since his first release on Hypnus in 2014, he contributed numerous times to their catalogue and label showcases. His major project on the label is the "Deep Blue" album trilogy released in 2014, 2016, and 2021. It draws inspiration from a profound fascination with the oceanic world, a recurring theme in both Tozzi’s life and work. In 2023, an especially adapted ambient version of “Deep Blue” premiered in London. Tozzi's releases on Non-Series, like “Tender is the Night” (2019), “Almost Blue” (2021), and “Spiral” (2023), emphasize distinct sound elements and focus on techno with a minimalist aesthetic.

Furthermore, he contributed to a variety of labels like Mental Modern, OUTIS Music and Calipso.

Besides his work as a Live Act, DJ, and producer, Tozzi is involved in sound designs for art and film projects and is known for collaborations with other musicians and artists.