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Jin Synth


Fractal Phenomenon, On Board

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DJ Set, Live

Jin Synth, a sound artist and DJ based in London, seamlessly blends various ambience elements into her music. At the core of Jin's artistry lies a masterful fusion of diverse textures and experimental layers, all meticulously woven into her sonic tapestry. With her synthesisers, modular setup, and an array of microphones primed for capturing the world's unique frequency, Jin Synth embarks on a journey that defies convention.

In the realm of DJ performances, Jin sets out to craft an ethereal, meditative soundscape that transports her audience to an abstract realm. She views the CDJ setup as an instrument, allowing her sonic adventures to unfold in the moment as she freely plays her own music materials and other artists' tunes. During her live performances, the improvisational interplay invites listeners to lose themselves in a mesmerising experience where every note, every pulse, and every resonance holds the potential for revelation.

In recent years, Jin's academic background has led her to delve deep into the enchanting universe of sonic art. Beyond her eclectic performances, she has been passionately crafting her own instruments and DIY microphones, each serving as a vessel for creating sounds as unique as her artistic vision. With every twist of a knob and every patch cable connected, Jin explores the boundaries of sound, delivering a musical experience that is as innovative as it is immersive.