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Giulia Fournier-Mercadante (GiGi FM) is a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, dancer and music producer. Boldly versatile, GiGi FM’s selections have charmed bodies on dancefloors across Europe and beyond into states of ecstasy. Techno, bass, breaks and ambient all come to play when she’s in the booth. Propelling her audiences from carnal, bass-driven depths to a heady ambient trance in a matter of minutes, she commands the floor with her genre-defying spirit. Having made a name for herself as a key player in the South London electronic music scene, she is now Berlin-based. GiGi continues to perform at strings of performances, in settings such as Berghain, Rural Japan, Draaimolen, Fabric, De School, Primavera, The Bunker New York, and Sustain Release.

Through her residency on NTS Radio she explores inter-dimensional sounds and shares her own musical palette. She’s welcomed several kindred musical spirits to join her in the online space including Wac Lounge, Jakojako & Mareena, Bambounou, Midgar and Donato Dozzy.

Movement and sound make up the DNA of GiGi’s practice. As a professionally-trained dancer, she is fascinated with dance as a medium to create sound, beyond just being a response. Her latest EP, Magnetite (2022) on Bambounou’s Bambe label, features 'Senstronaut (MYO)', the first track that Gigi created entirely using a MYO motion sensor. After exploring this practice with her project, GEM (Gestural Electronic Music), she produced the track with progressive layers using arm gestures, creating a palpable representation of movement in her music production.

GiGi’s 2021 debut album Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k is a personal project that was the product of employing Ableton in place of her journal. Titled after her happy word: Kiwi, the album was a space to let out her innermost thoughts, feelings, and dreams. A way in which to make the intangible, tangible. Following that, the single Gamelan Tokyo was released in 2022 as a precursor to her upcoming album Kiwi Synthesis Diary vol. 2.

The French-Italian artist takes her productions further with the launch of her own label, Sea-rène and her first release Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol.2 , a continuation of her first self-released project, “Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k,” in 2021. GiGi FM celebrates the exchange between her, as the owner of the journal, and its reader through euphoric soundscapes and vibrant psychedelia. Taking a step back from lockdown introspections, blurred lines between dream and reality like ambient and drony atmospheres, GiGi gives us a bent club record full of colours and life.

Deeply influenced by astrology, philosophy and the cosmos; for GiGi, music is both a tool for expression and introspection. As a multi- hyphenate artist, she continues on her quest to push artistic boundaries and hold space for unique audience experiences. Whatever medium she may adopt, the result is a rich embodiment of the interconnectedness of sound, colour, movement and metaphysics.