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Stereociti was first discovered by Mike Huckaby in 2007. The Detroit legend introduced the Japanese producer to the world on his radio show. Immediately after the broadcast of the program, Stereociti released his debut EP “Citifunk EP” and joined a compilation “Up to the Surface” with producers such as Baaz and Scott Ferguson. Both records were released on Dubbyman’s label – Deep Explorer Music. These works led Stereociti to sign to the Berlin based label Mojuba. “Early Light”, his first release on Mojuba, came out in 2009.

Mojuba has kept on supporting him and his work from this day and in 2011 Stereociti released his first full-length album “Kawasaki” on Mojuba, recognized as a powerful deep-house and ambient album.

Stereociti’s influences come not only from House and Techno music from Chicago and Detroit, but also from Jazz, Fusion, Dub, Rare Grooves and Japanese pop music of the 80’s. His mother who is a player/composer of traditional Japanese musical instruments passed her passion for music on to him and was of major importance in his development as an artist. Stereociti himself plays guitar, bass, and percussion, which are often featured in his tracks and enhance the richness of his production.

Despite Stereociti’s obvious talent as a producer, he had long been a DJ before becoming one. After starting his career at Maniac Love, a legendary club in Tokyo, he has rocked countless numbers of audiences around the world in such clubs as Panorama Bar, Tresor, Batofar… Groove, deepness and a very personal touch and sensitivity are the essences of Stereociti’s djing and his tight, stoical style gives him a strong one-and-only presence in the world of dance music.

His 2nd full-length album is due in December 2015 on his beloved label Mojuba. Don’t sleep on this one!
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Artist Releases
2017 – Parabolic Motions EP (Waveguide)
2017 – Reflexions EP (Groovement)
2016 – Lost Land LP (Mojuba)
2014 – Rain (Mojuba)
2013 – Mono Village – Fixation EP (HotMix Records)
2012 – Dialog (Mojuba)
2010 – Cosmoride (Mojuba)
2011 – Kawasaki LP (Mojuba)
2010 – Cosmoride (Mojuba)
2009 – Early Light (Mojuba)
2008 – Citifunk EP ‎(Deep Explorer)