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Solune – also known as Etienne Dauta – was born and raised in french countryside in a family of active music lovers. Injected by his father who ran record store in the late 70’s, he always had the music virus, and grew up nestled within the family record collection. On an other side Etienne was raised by his mother in a world of tribal art, aboriginal and oriental spirituality which brought him into a constant interest in thinking outside of the western modern box. After moving to Paris in his early 20’s, he started to get his feet in the music industry, working for several companies, slowly learning how to pull strings by meeting people who trusted him and pushed him forward. A passionate move made him to settle in Berlin a few years later, and starting doing music with Alan Mathias as Arcarsenal, launching the Bass Cadet Records imprint with his friends and then his own record-store with best friend Laura Le Marchand. A passion thing again, a family thing again and a vinyl thing again.

After having released a handful of remarked EPs as Arcarsenal with his production mate Alan, and benefiting the hazard of their calendar, Etienne used studio time to work on some material with a more personal approach. After a few months of tries and sketches inspired by a trip in the southern states of the USA, and fighting alone over a new creation experience, four tracks gave birth to the “Journey Of The Folktales EP”. The extent of the influences can clearly be heard within the course of the release, ranging from soulful house, ambient, soundscapes, dub techno and tribal rhythms. From that work, the puzzle of Solune got a few pieces assembled, focusing on positive energy but going through byways that wouldn’t make the experience clear from a quick view, only readable as a content with multiple layers. This project is now a cauldron where Etienne melts parts of his inspiration exclusively selected for it. A full length work will see light in the near future and studio time will be taken to work on more material soon.

On a DJ side, Etienne has been juggling around with the decks since 15 years and mastered the art of reading a crowd, gaining experience from playing all over Europe, solo as well as back to back with Alan Mathias. Passionately collecting records since a very young age and having gathered a large choice of genres and vibes, he’s able to work on different sound palettes. He sees the DJ performance as a celebration of music, for bodies, minds and souls. But clearly, the most important for him is being able to bring complex elements together and offer a special experience to his audience, driving crowds from genre to genre within the timeframe of a set. Music as an universal langage has always been growing through bridging gaps, getting together human experiences and more than anything sharing and unifying vibes and spirits. Solune will take this torch of freedom and humbly try to move it forward, both in his productions and his performances.
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Artist Releases
2017 – The Hierophant EP (Secretsundaze)
2016 – Alterations Cycles (Bass Cadet Records)
2016 – Journey of the the Folktales EP (Bass Cadet Records)