Macadam Mambo


Macadam Mambo was created in 2008, at first as a DJ collective to organize parties in Paris, and later in Lyon.
In mid-2012, Sacha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois – founding members, decided to turn Macadam Mambo into a label. They started out releasing edits, and then new artists’ productions. The label is 3 years old since the 10th of july, 23 records have been released and 2 new ones are in preparation.

Macadam Mambo is not really focused on a particular genre, they release anything they love from Euro-disco to Synth-Pop, Italo, EBM, Library, Folkloric, Exotic, Punk… whatever is good to them, dacefloor music or not.

The label has got lot of different kind of artists such as Takeshi Kouzuki, Albion, Raphael Top-Secret, Traxx, Andrea Noce & David Kristian, Joe’s Bakery, Dunkeltier, Tokyo Matt, Muslim Disco Club, Guillaume Des Bois or Sacha Mambo. The whole idea behind Macadam Mambo is to provide good music and good parties.
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Latest Label Releases

2015 – Georg Kamm – Durst & Hunger
2015 – Albion – Pyramids
2015 – Sacha Mambo & Guillaume Des Bois As Macadam Mambo Dj’s – Ultima Sensazione LP
2014 – Takeshi Kouzuki – Ore No Atama Ni (Faces)