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Since nearly a decade now, Italian born artist Antonio Marini is going through a sonic adventure known as Healing Force Project. Discreetly building up his musical blueprint, he slowly reached a cult status in the underground and experimental realms. Blending electronic music with free-jazz tastes his atypical, anarchic, spontaneous and original sound had him to release dozen of records among a network of cutting edge labels.

Growing up in a small town of northern Italy, Marini made up his musical education on his own just out of curiosity, aroused by the discoveries of artists like Miles Davis, Lee Perry, King Tubby or Weather Report. Away from the boundaries of our agitated times, he carries with him a very personal and humble approach to music. Hardly considering himself as a professional musician, Healing Force Project captures nevertheless a high level of artistry in his productions. Not rejecting any genres, his musical path is paved with an intense desire to explore and always be free from preconceptions. Time matters to him. In his opinion, Jazz, Dub, Techno, Disco and all other influences that he draws in his sound need time to be assimilated, and are a source of daily enlightenment and learning.

Approaching Andreas Krumm through Rabih Beaini, Marini sent his first demos to the Acido Records’ boss. Thanks to Krumm’s passionate work and his faith in Healing Force Project’s music, this connection led to the release of his first 12” “Analogic Prospectus / Moorg#1” in 2010. From this, the Italian producer was invited to carefully unfold his musical insight with two LPs on Eclipsemusic and several EPs on vanguard label as Berceuse Heroïque, Bedouin Records, Marco Shuttle’s Eerie Records, Sequencias, Ambiwa Records from Verona based quality record store Le Disque, until his 2016 critically acclaimed “Gravitational Lensing” on the revered Firecracker Recordings. Without compromising his sound, this EP focused on drumming experimentations saw him reaching a wider audience and marked a milestone in his discography. Also gifted record selector and DJ, he was invited to play Atonal in Berlin and avant-garde Terraforma in Italy.

Developing a truly peculiar sound, Healing Force Project is proving with his extended catalog that he’s at the forefront of electronic experimentation borrowing his language from free-jazz and many other influences. However, at the antipode of his prolific work, Marini stays very discreet and is not imposing his presence in the frenzy cohort of social medias and online duties, floating alway as a hidden jewel in a sea of trivialities, shinning by himself as a true original artist.
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Artist Releases
2017 – Visual Alterity EP‎ (On Board Music)
2016 – Gravitational Lensing EP‎ (Firecracker Recordings)
2016 – Transhumanism Ep (Ambiwa Records)
2016 – Kinetic Drawing ‎(Wicked Bass)
2015 – Perihelion Transit ‎(Eclipsemusic)
2015 – Entheogenic Spore (Bedouin Records)
2014 – Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room (Berceuse Heroique)
2014 – Entheogenic Spore (Berceuse Heroique)
2014 – Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room (Berceuse Heroique)
2014 – Last Journey To Heliopolis EP(Sun Cat Recordings)
2014 – Healing Force Project / Willis Anne – Nous Heroique EP ‎ (Nous, Berceuse Heroique)
2014 – Ecliptic View EP (Eerie)
2013 – Omicron Segment LP (Eclipsemusic)
2013 – Hybrid Furrows ‎(Sequencias)
2010 – Analogic Prospectus / Moorg#1 (Acido Records)