Finest Hour


Finest Hour is a Berlin based label set up by two good friends, Onirik & Pablo Tarno, when they moved from London to Berlin and were looking to combine their musical influences and provide a platform to release their music and of close people that inspired them. The label stretches over 24 releases reflecting 24 hours, with a balance between their more European influences and the US sound of Detroit-Chicago-NY. The name comes from the fact that Fede and Pablo were both schooled and influenced by the afterhours movement in London and “Finest Hour” is supposed to symbolize that moment where you focus on and enjoy music.

Since 2013, the year of its founding, Finest Hour has released music by high profile artists such as Audio Werner and more up-and-coming like St. Joseph, Arcarsenal, Robin Ordell or the label bosses themselves Onirik & Pablo Tarno.

Although keeping a low profile, the strong identity of the imprint hasn’t gone unnoticed and label showcases have been held around the world, in cities such as New York, Chicago, Brussels, Barcelona or in Berlin at renowned venues such as Club Der Visionaere.
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Artist Releases
2016 – Arcarsenal – FH:07
2016 – St Joseph – FH:06
2016 – Pablo Tarno – FH:05
2015 – Robin Ordell – FH:04
2014 – Arcarsenal – FH:03
2014 – Onirik & Pablo Tarno – FH:02
2013 – Audio Werner – FH:01