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03/31/18 Paris Favst France
06/30/18 Carrieres sur Seine Macki Music Festival France
08/14/18 Tisno Defected Festival Croatia
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DJ Gregory, born Gregory Darsa, grew up in Paris and forged his musical education in the gushing 80’s. His first nights out at Roger Boîte Funk or Le Palace had already set a background when he first heard Mr Fingers and Todd Terry in 1988 and got converted to the energy of House. But it’s during a stay in New York a few years later, when he could finally listen to the sets of Tony Humphries and Junior Vasquez that DJ Gregory will deeply encompass the shape of this exalted and transcendent music and form a love story with the city and its Soulful vibe.

Back in France DJ Gregory will have a truly compulsive activity, being resident from Paris’ finest House party TGV, setting up a radio show with DJ Deep and Alex From Tokyo as A Deep Groove and starting to work behind the production desk as Cheesy D. And things will take another turn with the release of his remix of Cheek’s « Venus (Party People) », for DJ Gilb’R’s newborn label Versatile. First production to be released as DJ Gregory, the track becomes a hit during the WMC of 1996 and propels him up the charts. Starting to work and live between Paris and New York, walking alongside his idols such as Kerri Chandler, Sandy Riviera, Daniel Wang, Tommy Musto, Louie Vega, Michael Watford or Mood II Swing, he’s firmly gaining respect on both sides of the Atlantic at this time. DJ Gregory will then bring together collaborations with Julien Jabre (Soha, Fantom…), Next Evidence, Shazz amongst other key artists from the exploding French Touch and will also start Africanism with Bob Sinclar, a project dedicated to an innovative interpretation of House which is adding Carribean, African and Latin influences to the sound of the era. Quickly withdrawing from the project as Bob Sinclair will be tying it to a more commercial approach, DJ Gregory will finally set up his own Faya Combo Records, where he would be able to unfold a slew of releases with a tribal resonance and some remarked tracks like « Tropical Soundclash » or « Elle ».

On the other side of DJ Gregory stands Point G, an alias with a rougher approach to House music which first releases « The Raw » and « On The Raw Again » were already supported by artists like Joe Claussell, Dego or King Britt back in 1997. Point G gained the upper hand in DJ Gregory’s musical vision to his own surprise, more than a decade after these underground successes. In 2012, pressed by a passionate demand from cutting edge and established artists, he will repress some of the original tracks, start an homonym label, and hit the road with a brand new percussive Point G live set. After 12 EPs and an album between 2013 and 2017 that also had him to reach newer generations, it’s now time to open up some space again for DJ Gregory and return to his roots, whether it’s Soulful House, Disco or different kinds of Ethnic and World music. In parallel to Point G and its stripped down sounds, the desire to express again a wide part of its broad musical culture is very strong.

Above all, DJ Gregory is definitely part of a distinctive genre. Having reached the top of the charts alongside the greatest artists, worked with House music legends, drifted around the French Touch bubble without ever really blending into the mould, and conquered new audiences by performing a bold artistic u-turn with the recent return of Point G, DJ Gregory belongs to this rare kind of artists who, thanks to a huge talent, is able to develop a rich and complex discography, and which has never failed to surprise us.

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