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As a now irrefutable figure among the French underground electronic scene, Coni is getting a growing reputation out of the hexagon thanks to the very personal and unprecedented approach of club music that he is shaping through the years together with his fellow partners within ClekClekBoom Recordings. Standing on a hybrid yet virtuous position in the merger of emotion and energy, Coni cleverly blends his moody soundscapes with stirring 4/4 routines, providing what he once defined as ‘club music with a weird aesthetic’. He manages to add his own shade to the already colorful palette of Dance music, whether it be through the refined construction of his sets or with his productions, which bear witness for a talented reinterpretation of his UK-tinged influences and promise him the brightest future.

Electronic music hit him at the age of 14 as a broad concept including the trendy French Touch, some Ghetto Tech, but primarily a great deal of sounds from across the Channel: Bass Music with UK Garage and dubbier excursions, Broken Beat, as well as a non-negligible part of New Wave to which he identified a lot and whose flavors have always been quite perceivable in his productions.

Beside the acquisition of a solid musical background, he has kept collecting gigs and learning the hard way about how to understand a crowd and get the best out of it. On another level is the ability to foresee the audience’s will and successfully come unexpected. What he is most interested in when playing music at a venue is “bringing people where they wouldn’t have thought they were willing to go to”. Coni already played in many venues in Europe such as Concrete, Rex Club, Norstern and will do his Panorama Bar debuts in October.

Coni released his first EP’s on the french label ClekClekBoom in 2011 and got involved in shaping its universe, bringing his part of dreamlike voices, whomping basses and biting hi-hats to the sci-fi Chicagoan French emblem. His second project ‘My Secret Diving’ was recognized by L.I.E.S.’ s head Ron Morelli. Coni’s latest news are more flourishing than never : he just released a track on the new Paris Club Music Vol.3 compilation out on ClekClekboom and his forthcoming EP on the Trilogy Tapes imprint will be out in December. Loads going on in the studio for him – expect some strong releases in 2016.

Artist Soundcloud

2017 – Caligula EP (Dolly)
2016 – Imaginarium Essai EP (The Trilogy Tapes)
2015 – V/A Paris Club Music Vol.3 (ClekClekBoom Recordings)
2014 – Comfort Zone (ClekClekBoom Recordings)
2014 – Moodcut – Tame Cats / Coni Version (Nous)
2014 – V/A – Paris Music Club Vol.2 (ClekClekBoom Recordings)
2013 – My Secret Diving EP (ClekClekBoom Recordings)
2013 – V/A – Paris Music Club Vol.1 (ClekClekBoom Recordings)
2011 – Luz in Pool / Suma / Crush (ClekClekBoom Recordings)