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Dedicated to a group of passionate artists and their own labels, On Board Music booking agency exclusively represents them for bookings as well as for promotion and management. Our goal is to also help them to develop their trademarks and bring you the best of them. We also focus on label nights and dedicated events.

On Board Music
Böhmische Strasse, 30a
12055 Berlin
+49 1575 9625680

Albion, Akirahawks, Arcarsenal LIVE & DJs, CLFT Militia, Coni, Edit Select, Healing Force Project, Hugo LX, Jenifa Mayanja, Jorge Caiado, Juliano, Mori Ra, Nick V, Point G, Sacha Mambo, Solune, Zozo
Aleqs Notal, Sentiments, Stereociti, Views


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